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The following release is an exchange between Dank Buscemi and Getting Gate. While both “insider” accounts would agree that this is not the same as the “original,” the content does speak to similarities in the two.

Buscemi on Getting Gate’s initial quote to him:

That was my exact quote, and he copied me off the Internet! I don’t even use Facebook, and he and I were chatting on there and he said to me, “Dank Tank, I like this other article you did, I think it’s great.” I was like, “Oh really? It’s great, did you have time to read it?” He said, “Yes, I did. It’s great.” I said, “OK, I was being sarcastic.” We ended up messaging back and forth, and it was totally innocent.

Nowhere on Getting Gate’s site does this quote appear to be from anything that Buscemi has written. All we have are links to Dank Tank’s works and his statements.

Mastering by DJ Stirfry

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Artist(s): Dj Klon318

Mastering: DJ Stirfry

Year: 2021

Format: Track

Earache: hot wax

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